3 Best Ways To Motivate Employees By Benito Keh

May 11, 2022

3 Best Ways To Motivate Employees By Benito Keh

What are the best ways to motivate employees?

  1. Reward their efforts
  2. Be transparent and supportive
  3. Encourage growth

The world of business is full of ups and downs. Companies will inevitably go through good times and bad times, and the employees will surely be affected as well. You could have an excellent staff, but if you don’t have any ways to motivate employees, especially during the bad times, you might not be able to retain them.

Employee motivation is about more than just keeping them. If you keep your employees motivated, they would be doing their best work for you. Most companies would think about money and extra benefits right away, but they’re not at the top of the list of good employee motivators. The best motivation is one that’s intrinsic instead of outside sources.

If you want to learn how to motivate your employees better, keep reading below!

Reward their efforts

Even though it’s better to find motivation within oneself, it wouldn’t hurt to give your employees some extra incentive. Giving rewards to employees who double their efforts or do good work will give all of the others a reason to do better as well. Bonuses and incentives can encourage employees to do better and to stay with your company to see it through. As a business owner, don’t be stingy with giving rewards to employees that make your company better.

Be transparent and supportive

Be transparent and supportive

People respond well to honesty and sincerity. If someone in a higher position, like a manager or supervisor, is honest and transparent, that’s a good sign for positive work culture. It also lets your employees see the big picture. This will assure them that the work that they do is crucial to the success of the company and that all their efforts don’t amount to nothing. If the employees know what they’re working for, they would be more motivated to do better.

A supportive manager would also make good relationships with their employees. Based on experience, working with people you respect and like can be motivating. If you show your employees that you are on their side, then they would have more reason to stay and do good work.

Encourage growth

A good business owner is always looking for opportunities for growth for their company. The best business owner gives room for and encourages growth for their employees as well. In the corporate setting, everyone wants to become better. If your employees see that they have many avenues for growth and personal development in your company, they would do their best to do so. Give them the trust and respect that they deserve and let them handle more responsibility.

Key Takeaway

These few ways to motivate your employees are only a small portion of the many things that you can do to show that you care for your employees. Just remember to not rely on extrinsic motivators like money alone. Your employees make your company better, and they’re human. Treat them well and they’ll be motivated to do better as well.

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