5 Tips for Writing a Business Email

November 9, 2021

5 Tips for Writing a Business Email

What are some tips for writing a business email?

  1. Write a proper subject line
  2. Use the proper language
  3. Be direct and concise
  4. Be kind and personable
  5. Proofread your email

Good communication has always been important in business transactions, but its value has been made more evident by the pandemic. Businesses have transitioned to almost entirely online processes. That means even communicating has to be done online. These tips for writing a business email should be able to help you make better correspondence online.

Write a Proper Subject Line

The subject line is the first thing that the recipient of your email will see. Whatever it says will also determine if the email will get read, prioritized, or sent directly to the trash. Also, emails with no subjects can often be mistaken for spam. For proper business communication, make sure you always write a proper subject line.

Make sure the subject is succinct and direct to the point. What are your intentions with this email? What is it about? By being direct, your recipient will know right away what business you have with them.

Use the Proper Language

Use the Proper Language

Professional language is required for business emails. You have to address your recipients properly if you want to keep good relations. Skip the casual greetings and stick with the polite and standard “hi’s” and “hello’s”.

Make sure your language matches who you are emailing. You wouldn’t want to be too casual with the CEO of a potential client or partner.

Be Direct and Concise

Many people tend to undermine how important conciseness is in business emails. When you’re talking about business matters, cut to the chase. Drop any sparkly and descriptive words that are unnecessary to your transaction. In fact, some would suggest that the very first line of your email’s main body should explain everything already. Of course, it all depends on a case-to-case basis.

Be Kind and Personable

Being concise doesn’t mean you shouldn’t personable anymore. Remember that you’re still dealing with real people on the other side of the email. Try starting with greetings such as “How are you doing?” or “What have you been up to?” depending on who you’re corresponding with. Just keep in mind what kind of relationship you have with the recipient. The smaller the gap in position, the more casual you can be.

Proofread Your Email

Proofread Your Email

This is an important step that people always skip. Proofreading your email is basic etiquette for communicating with other people. If you have simple grammatical or spelling errors in your email, it would make you look careless and/or unintelligent. We know that even the best writers can still make grammatical mistakes. It won’t take too long, so make it a habit to proofread your email no matter how proficient you are with your language.

Key Takeaway

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to writing business emails. For anyone in business, you shouldn’t take the task of writing an email for granted. Just follow the above tips for writing a business email and the result should be good correspondence.

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