5 Things Not To Do As An Entrepreneur

October 4, 2022

5 Things Not To Do As An Entrepreneur

What are some things entrepreneurs should not do? 

  1. Spending too little or too much
  2. Hiring employees based on their cost
  3. Putting your product first
  4. Not checking on the competition
  5. Not having standards

There are mistakes that you’re meant to learn from. That goes for entrepreneurs. Minor errors teach you how to improve your own set of skills as a businessman and even optimize certain business processes. However, these are not meant to be repeated over and over again. 

This article explores the different things not to do as an entrepreneur. They are a mix of common mistakes and actions to steer away from. Keep reading to learn more!

Spending too little or too much

Spending too little or too much

To any entrepreneur, especially new fellows, money is always a big concern. Some are too scared to purchase anything because of a tight budget. Others may have money to spend but have an “I need to spend money to make money!” mindset. Either of these isn’t good for an entrepreneur to do. 

Instead, you need to lie in the middle of both. Use the numbers to your advantage instead of fearing them. Look at your expenses and finances to know how much you can spend, but never spend too much. 

Hiring employees based on their cost

Employees are the backbone of a business. They help entrepreneurs accomplish tasks to do more daily. With a tight budget, it can be difficult for you to invest in employees. It’s only tempting to hire cheap ones. However, you need to remember that most of the time, you get what you pay for. 

Hiring cheap means you may be faced with people with little experience and skills that you need for the business. It is a good idea to train some employees, but it’s better to also hire and invest in an experienced individual who you can rely on more. 

During the hiring process, do your due diligence to research the competitive rates. You may be investing in an employee, but you need to know if you’re paying them the right amount. 

Putting your product first

Putting your product first

You may have a unique and individual product, but it is nothing without customers purchasing it. That’s why entrepreneurs should never put their products or services at the expense of loyal customers. 

As you create products and your business model, you need to have a customer-first mentality. The key to having a sustainable business is its loyal customers who’ll keep purchasing your products for a long time. Find ways to keep them satisfied to keep purchasing from you. 

Not checking on the competition

You are not alone in the market. Businesses will always have their competitors even if you think you’ve found your niche.

Make it a point to analyze the market to know who you’re up against. This helps you come up with marketing strategies to prevent them from taking your website’s traffic and clientele. 

However, you should not make the mistake of focusing too much on the competition. Once you do this, you’ll start lagging. Make market analysis a way for you to improve and innovate your business.  

Not having standards

Always make sure that you operate your business with a set of standards even when you’re just starting. This creates a mindset that you need to produce products or services of quality. This is especially important for any product or service that will make an impact on your customer’s safety — that’s things like health and wellness products (such as supplements), mobility products (such as elevators and stairlifts), and the like.

When a business doesn’t follow a set of standards, they often face consequences. Standards create a mindset for you as an entrepreneur and for all of your employees no matter how small or big they are to produce quality products and services through out the entire organization. 

Key Takeaway

Just like in any job, there are certain things not to do as an entrepreneur. The things discussed in the article can be blockers for you in innovating and optimizing your business. So, take a step back and see if you’ve been falling into any of these situations. 

There are many things that entrepreneurs still need to know. If you have any inquiries or questions, don’t hesitate to contact and inquire with Benito Keh. He is one of the most influential entrepreneurs in the Philippines who can help you with your questions and concerns. Click here to get in touch with him!