5 Things We Can Learn from Gen Z Entrepreneurs

November 9, 2022

5 Things We Can Learn from Gen Z Entrepreneurs

What can we learn from Gen Z entrepreneurs?

  1. Impact strong—and immediately.
  2. Make the most of available tech and information.
  3. Look on the bright side.
  4. Focus on real-world problems.
  5. Reimagine the workplace.

Starting your own business has never been more popular. In fact, studies have shown that with each new generation, the entrepreneurial spirit only grows. Where Generation Y was once considered the most tech-savvy and entrepreneurial generation, their successors Generation Z are quickly bypassing these millennials in the entrepreneurship race. 

As more and more entrepreneurs are made, there are characteristics inherent to this new generation that others can emulate.

So what makes these new-age business owners unique, and what habits can we pick up from them? Here are the top lessons to learn from Gen Z entrepreneurs.

Impact strong — and immediately

Generation Z is poised to make the most dramatic changes to the business landscape. In large part that’s because they’re fearless and optimistic in how they do business, a leaf we can all take from their playbook.

Make the most of available tech and information

Make the most of available tech and information

Gen Z is naturally fluent in all kinds of convention-defying technology, but the way they use tech and harness information further augments this happy circumstance. Take their cue and become more tech-savvy by making the most of free resources, emulating role models, and consistently working on growth.

Look on the bright side

Look on the bright side

As mentioned, Gen Z is fearless and optimistic. This goes beyond an enthusiastic start to their business. They carry this mindset through their entire career as an entrepreneur. 

In fact, they carry these traits with them through each up and down in their business journeys. Don’t let the barriers and obstacles stop you—face them like Gen Z would: with a smile and a go-getter attitude!

Focus on real-world problems

For a demographic with virtual reality so ingrained in their upbringing, Gen Z continues to be deep-rooted in the real world. They’re inheriting a world of issues to fix and problems to solve, but they’re ready to implement solutions and experiment along the way.

Many of these young entrepreneurs are geared towards social issues, creating accessibility in various spaces, and how their businesses can help others. This can create a stronger relationship with their audience. 

Consider doing the same with yours — ask yourself where you can give back to your community, and you might just be surprised with how positive your customers’ feedback can be!

Reimagine the workplace

Just one of their many disruptions is that of the office setting. After largely conducting their affairs online, Gen Z is poised and ready to totally merge the business industry with the online landscape. 

Be prepared to work remotely, do business through apps, and utilize the Internet at every step of the way. As they say, technology is the future.

Key Takeaway

Daunting as it might seem for older generations who don’t have Gen Z’s grasp of technology, there’s nothing to be afraid of. At the core of it all, Gen Z just has its own unique strengths that other entrepreneurs can draw on. Just keep these lessons to learn from Gen Z entrepreneurs in mind if you want to raise the bar for how you do business! 

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