How To Make A Company Mission Statement

January 17, 2022

How To Make A Company Mission Statement

How do you make a company mission statement?

  1. Keep it short
  2. Balance being realistic and optimistic
  3. Don’t be afraid of change

There’s a reason why all companies have their own vision and mission statements. They serve a purpose that is essential to the employees within the company and for their clients and customers — they give the company a purpose for existing. If you’re beginning a startup, you should know how to make a company mission statement.

Your mission statement will become one of the things that your employees will rally under — a statement that tells them why they’re doing what they’re doing. Also, many clients and customers take a look at a company’s mission statement when deciding if they want to do business with you. Through the mission statement, you mention why you do your job and how your company achieves this.

If you want to learn more about how to write a mission statement, read on below!

Keep It Short

Keep It Short

There’s a lot of information that companies want to include in their mission statements: what they do, how they deliver, and why it’s important to do so. Still, you should keep your mission short and straight to the point. Anyone who reads your mission statement should understand right away what your company seeks to do. Just like your brand, it has to be memorable. To do this, keep it at a few sentences at most. Write it in one sentence if possible.

You’d like to be as informative as possible, but if you find a way to do that most shortly but still be memorable, that would be the best case. Take a look at TED’s mission statement:

“Spread ideas.”

In two words, they capture their mission’s essence. How can you show what your mission is, concisely?

Balance Being Realistic And Optimistic

Good companies always have big plans for their future. Your mission looks to the future. To achieve your mission, you need to be realistic, but to be remarkable and unique, you need to be optimistic. Here’s Amazon’s mission as an example:

“We aim to be Earth’s most customer centric company. Our mission is to continually raise the bar of the customer experience by using the internet and technology to help consumers find, discover and buy anything, and empower businesses and content creators to maximise their success.”

This mission statement is both optimistic and realistic. The first sentence is optimistic, but the rest describes how the company plans to make it a reality.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Change

Don’t Be Afraid Of Change

Change is inevitable. Everything can change in your industry and your company. The only way we can be ready for them is to accept them and adjust. If your mission changes, don’t be afraid to change your mission statement. The statement should always be truthful to the company’s mission, no matter what it is.

Key Takeaway

Now that you have an idea of how to make a company mission statement, it’s time to dig deep and reflect. What is it that your business aims to do? How exactly will you do it? If your mission statement is one that your employees would find purpose in, then you’ve made a good mission statement.

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