4 Home-Based Business Ideas You Can Start This Year

March 8, 2021

4 Home-Based Business Ideas You Can Start This Year

What are the home-based business ideas you can start this year?

  1. Bulk reselling
  2. Blogging and copywriting
  3. Teach online courses
  4. Buy an existing business


One of the smallest positive things that the quarantine has brought people is the increase of home-based business ideas. With remote work and social distancing protocols in place, more people are realizing that they can start home-based businesses.

Many people ask, what do need to consider when starting a home-based business? These considerations can include a flexible schedule, work-life balance, low startup costs, certain skill levels, and working on a passion. It can be rewarding to pursue!

With the majority of business operations taking place online and today’s technology-driven era, it is clear that the home business model is here to stay. Home-based businesses come in a variety of forms. To help you, here are four home-based business ideas you can start this year.


Bulk Reselling

Bulk Reselling

Many home-based businesses center on the simple concept of buying products in bulk and selling them individually to gain profit. Maybe you have recently come across a supplier that sells wholesale items or perhaps you zeroed in on a niche market that seeks unique products which are not readily available in your market.

Bulk reselling is a great way to earn from off-price markets. You can strike a deal with a supplier, get a discount, and resell the products at a higher price.

Take note that if products are imported, you might need a distribution point. Either way, if the products are easy to store and ship, you will have a solid home-based business idea on your hands. In the long run, you can expand your storage space to ramp up sales.


Blogging And Copywriting

If you have a passion for writing, starting your blog is a great home-based business idea. Find a topic you like and bring it to a niche audience. You can charge for subscriptions, but the best way to earn from blogging is by copywriting. This involves writing texts for advertising.

Set up a home office with a computer. Try partnering with companies to market their products and when someone clicks through your blog links to make a purchase, you get a percentage of the sale. This home-based business idea has a global reach, which is ideal given the quarantine setting.


Teach Online Courses

Teach Online Courses

You can teach others online courses regarding a certain skill, hobby, or topic. With most people staying at home, people are turning to online platforms to learn something new.

From workout classes, cooking classes, advanced marketing, to learning the English language, there are numerous courses you could teach to audiences. There would also be freedom around the structure of your teaching. You can choose to go for daily or weekly courses, one-on-one group sessions, downloadable content, or prerecorded classes. The flexibility of this home-based teaching model is an advantage.


Buy An Existing Business

If you want to invest in an income source that you can maintain while at home, consider buying an existing business. You can become its entrepreneur and turn it into your own successful home-based business. This way you can benefit from the established cash flow without needing to build a brand.

Some sellers will teach you how to run their store. It is worth noting, however, the price of buying the business will vary based on different factors such as the total revenue generated, available assets, profit potential, and the like. Some sellers will also onboard you and teach you the ropes of running their store.


Key Takeaway

These are some of the home-based business ideas you can start this year. There are many avenues of home-based work to pursue. In today’s technology-driven era, you can easily close the gap between you and your customers.

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